Saturday, June 13, 2009

The hot trend in K12 education demographics

I believe that the school choice numbers run like this. Over the last decade, the three hotest growth trends were charter schools, homeschooling, and magnet schools. Each trend showed at times nearly 100% annual growth. I'd estimate overall, they each constitute around 4% of the K12 population with growth in the 25% annual rate.

They've been usurped by a new trend: public virtual schooling which is growing at 100% annually, mostly at the high school level. With the enthusiastic support of teachers (they like working in their pajamas from home) and students; and fueled by superior test results and a really nice cost structure (it can be much less expensive than the traditional approach), the trend appears to be headed towards a few percent.

Where is my data for this? I'm estimating. I've ready many reports and this is my impressionistic conclusion. As this blog develops, I might provide detailed bibliography and sources.

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