Sunday, August 30, 2009

Learning Today

Todays' learners are dramatically different than the previous generation....things have changed. Technology, the school systems, the students and the companies that hire them have all changed. Lets start with the students...

I'm talking about the youth of today and also the work force in today's competitive companies. Online education is now mainstream with teachers now choosing between careers in schools, tutoring, or teaching online.Online teaching is hot! Our people are now, as Marc Prensky calls them, "Digital Natives" with skills and a mindset suited to todays technical realities. Learning styles have evolved as have our diagnostic tools and categories of learnig styles and dysfunctions. The skills are different too with keyboarding & web researching moving into mainstream skills. And while public schools still dominate the educational system, homeschooling and virtual schools are the two hottest growth areas in education. They're cost effective and they work!

Homeschooling is a hotbed of experimentation with new educational paradigms. Homeschoolers are a diverse group. But homeschoolers do share a few vital characteristics....

A determination to provide the best for your children!

A sense that life has more possibilities than those found by following the crowd!

A personal involvement in educating your child!

A need for some help in putting together an optimal education for each child!

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Most parents start homeschooling with a clear sense of the lessons they want to teach their children. And while that vision remains, most home school parents become immersed in the reality of the learning needs of their children. Each one is different and each one evolves. While remaining highly principled, most parents become somewhat eclectic in their use of curriculum and learning tools as they discover what works best to homeschool their children.
One homeschool curriculum that is really useful either as a core or supplementary curriculum is Time4Learning. What i like about them is that since they are flexible and low cost, I can use them in different ways in different subjects.

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