Thursday, December 31, 2009

3D Avatar the Movie & What We Can Learn About 3D Learning

Okay, Avatar is the latest craze in the movie world and is totally worth the cost and trouble to see it in all of its 3D glory ( and on IMAX is even better). The movie also has some great lessons for 3D learners. Recipients of excellence in entertainment and of education do better when they feel involved, either ducking from flying objects headed right their way in the audience or education being delivered through the use of 3D interactions involving sight, sound and touch.

Enough research exists at the high school and college level that students participating in a combination of classroom and online coursework outperform their counterparts that only attend passive classes. You can read more about research conducted with online learning and published by The US Department of Education on their website.

So this brings me to options available to bring education into the 3D world. Although not yet three dimensional (but I'm sure they are working on it), Time4Learning has just released a new preschool curriculum and the only thing that could make it better would be to ship a pair of 3D glasses with every subscription.You can see some free demos of the Time4Learning online preschool product on their website. They have thought of everything that a preschooler might need to prepare for a successful kindergarten entry.

Don't get me wrong, their entire online educational program for kids in preschool through 8th grade is awesome and they really outdid themselves on the preschool launch this fall. But I'm still waiting for those glasses to arrive anyday in the mail!