Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some stimulation for Learning Spelling

Many students, especially 3D Leaners,  report that learning to spell is dull or that it highlights their learning challenges. I'd recommend that they try

Here are some great teacher resources:

Dolch Words - This collection of Dolch or Sight words is perennially useful. There is both background information and lists ready-to-use.
Compound Words - Kids love studying compound words. Teachers love teaching them. Does your school have a Compound Word Day? It should!
Literature-Based Word Lists - Over fifty popular books so far. Email us if you have a list to add.
Sound Alike Words - All students and many adults benefit from practice distinguishing the right spelling and usage of its and it's; they're, there, and their; and to, too, and two. 
Homophones, Homonyms, and Homographs - This article reviews homophones, homonyms, and homographs.  Need a quick reminder? Here it is.

The Heavy Stuff: Research and Articles on Spelling has two articles on the importance of spelling to building successful readers and writers: The Importance of Spelling and Research on Spelling Automaticity.

What's New?
Contractions - You can build lists using words like: I’ll, we’ll, shouldn’t, and they’re. There are lists of what contractions supports.
Abbreviations - You can build lists using abbreviations such as titles (Mr. Dr, Mrs.), measurements (oz., pt, qt.), and geographic terms (Blvd., Pkwy., and Rd.)
Possessives - SpellingCity has added some sample possessive forms of nouns, both plural and singular, for spelling and grammar practice.  For example: aunt, aunts, aunt's, aunts', boy, boys, boy's, boys', lady, ladies, lady's, ladies', doctor, doctors, doctor's, doctors'.  As background, SpellingCity has always included both the singular and plural forms of nouns and the the forms of verbs (ex play, playing, played).
Any other ideas for resources that we should post? Send me an email or suggest it on the forum.

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