Saturday, July 17, 2010

Teachable Moments for Christian Homeschoolers

Here's a whole new direction.  I was reading about how the Christian homeschoolers often use secular homeschool materials which mostly works for them except for the fact of  "teachable moments."  What are these?

Some Christians don't want their children exposed or taught lessons that conflict with their Biblically-based religious views such as geologically age of use, mythical creatures like wizards (but classical Greek myths are OK), and evolution and natural selection.

I read an interesting article about Christian homeschoolers transform these encounters into teachable moments which I thought was very insightful.  As part of this, I read that many A Beka curriculum  users supplement their paper-based curriculum with T4L's online interactive curriculum.  There is a a testimonial by a Christian homeschooler discussing her selection of Time4Learning as the best choice for her children despite it being a not being Biblically-centered curriculum. Please feel free to discuss your questions and concerns about Time4Learning with MamaMary and other parents in the Christian Perspective section of the Time4Learning Parents forum.