Saturday, September 11, 2010

interesting post from a homeschooling parent of a boy with ADHD

I thought I'd share this interesting post from a homeschooling parent of a boy with ADHD on the Time4Learning parents forum.  

I have an ADHD son who we did medicate thru 5th grade, thats when I said enough it enough, and pulled him and his younger brother out at the end of the year! 

We love the time4learning program and supplement it where my boys need it. Spelling is a biggie for us, so we do All About Spelling, and Writing is one that we always seem to do more of we have done time4writing, writing prompts to use with any book, Story of the World for our history ( love all the crafts that the boys do with it) and Singapore Math because my youngest loves math. Of course you would need to see what works for your son, he might be a 2nd grade in one level and 4th in another! My now 3rd grader is doing 4th grade math and 3rd grade LA with time4learning!

Another thing to think about it doing all his subjects related to what he loves most, animals, science, or fantasy reader?? You can tailor to what keeps him interested! I agree I wouldn't medicate my kids unless they needed it, but ever since homeschooling the strongest thing my boys are on is multi vitamins! Let me know if you have any questions about anything I have said. And I am sure that some of our other members will chime in as well

Happy Homeschooling 

ADD / ADHD Teaching Challenges

If you are the parent of a child who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, congratulations! You probably have a child who is highly creative and inventive. People diagnosed with ADHD have been known to score high on creativity tests.
However, parenting a child with ADHD is not easy. Children with ADHD often struggle in school, and providing what these children really need is often a challenge. A child with ADHD may struggle with learning disorders, teasing, social interaction, problems at home, disorganization, and more. Often the struggle of the school environment overwhelms the child's ability to learn. Click to learn more about how Time4Learning has been used to help these 3DLearners, in this case, homeschooling a child with ADHD.