Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attention and other special needs learning issues

ADD/ADHD - Learning and Succeeding

My son is delighted to be using the program. The Time4Learning program is so easy to use, fun, affordable, and even better than the previous version. Jeremiah actually has to be reminded that his class time is over for the day, because he wants to stay on past his school time! It's not just with Jeremiah. I am in a big circle of home schooling parents as well as parents that have children withdisabilities like RAD, ADHD, ODD, Asperger's and Autism. I've had children over and have allowed them to watch Jeremiah doing his assignments using Time4Learning, and all we hear from the other children is, "Can I have a turn?" (delete)
Their parents are always amazed at how excited the children get about it, and that we can even access it from their computer, or virtually anywhere. Several of my friends and relatives with children in public school, still see the benefit of using the Time4Learning program to supplement their child's curriculum. Once they actually heard that it was available, and saw for themselves, we didn't have to say more. Time4Learning speaks for itself. We plan on using the program for our next child as well. It is truly a joy to see our child go from 'struggling' to 'excelling', and to hear him say "Is it Time for Learning yet, Mommy?" Thank you so much for this blessing!
The Dajos Family

The concept of a 3DLearner is to address the broad spectrum of students who need to be addressed but for whom the labeling by special needs categories has been negative and dysfunctional

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