Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homeschooling Our Asperger's Child

Homeschooling Our Asperger's Child

"New to the concept of homeschooling, it became immediately apparent to us that, if we were to remove our children from the traditional schooling system, we were bound to provide an educational experience that not only rivaled what could be learnt in a traditional classroom but better it still. It was at this juncture that Time4learning system became an important partner in the education of our children.
Time4learning is a thorough curriculum that allows children to move through the lessons at their own pace. The lessons are short and fun. Children learn and are engaged by what is presented without stress or boredom. Each lesson completed on Time4learning gives our children a sense of achievement. The lessons provide positive reinforcement without the kind of pressure that can trigger stressful episodes in children with Asperger’s. There are no set lesson times, our children can log onto the system and resume learning at any time, the kind of flexibility that is priceless to a parent of a child with a pervasive developmental disorder.
Time4learning’s comprehensive language arts program has helped us to bridge the gap between the look/say method our children used to learn to read and the phonics training they needed to become better readers still. After using Time4learning successfully for over a year, to date this is one set of lessons that my children actually request to do.
Time4learning really does make learning easy and fun and I would recommend it to anyone." - Paula, Parent of an Asperger’s Child

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  1. Thank you Paula for this information. My Grandson has develomental disorders as well, his mother has decided to pull him out of school recently and is confused on where to go curriculum wise. I will pass the website on to her.