Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unscramble word games

Do unscramble games help the 3D learners?

Unscramble Instructions: The object of Unscramble is to rearrange the letters to form each of your spelling or vocabulary words. To form the words, you may click on each letter in order or click and drag the letters into the box below. To move a letter, click on it and drag it into its new position before releasing the mouse button. Click the Hint button to hear the word read aloud. Unscramble is available as an online activity or as a printable worksheet.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Roman Numerals on Clocks. IV vs IIII: Who notices?

When my son was about eight, he asked me why some clocks with Roman Numerals represent four as IIII and others as IV.

 I had never noticed and the best explanation that I could come up with was thar the IV, positioned a little upside down, is confusing so instead they just use four "I's".

Since then I've discovered that his observation is both accurate and he is extremely unusual in having made it.

  I expect great things from that boy.

  I saw a pair of clocks in a store the other day with both types right next to each other which always amuses me.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Different Special Learners - Aspergers

I'm working with a kid now trying to figure out where learning style stops and learning issues begin.  What a gray area.

We were talking today about aspergers and generally, about the high functioning part of the autism spectrum.  And I quote a section about homeschooling children with aspergers.

Time4Learning has a number of homeschool students with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). They have selected Time4Learning as an effective way to teach them a range of skills. Beyond praising the academic strengths, which include a visual and interactive teaching method, parents have commented that the lessons model proper conversations. This helps children with Asperger’s Syndrome visualize and internalize normal conversational interactions. This can be very useful for children on the autism spectrum as they struggle to understand normal social interactions.
For instance, many of the lower school math lessons are introduced with a short conversation between two cartoon characters. Typically, one character asks a question, and the other explains the answer, using a simple, realistic conversational volley. Modeling typical peer interaction for children with Asperger’s has proven to be a strong method for teaching them how to relate to others.

Aspergers always reminds me of asparagus. Don't know why.