Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alphabetical Order and Technology

How many of you still use a manual typewriter? Does anyone still use cassettes or, and this is a long shot, the eight track? What about the rotary phone or a dictionary, and I am referring to a hardback dictionary, not via the Internet. New inventions are always being introduced, and new technology replaces out of date ways of doing things.

Some things never go out of date. It is important to know how to put things in alphabetical order. It is just one way to show kids how things are organized, such as words. ABC order helps us organize things, and organizing is here to stay wouldn’t you say?

Learning at an early age about different ways to sort things by various attributes is essential. Kids are taught how to put words in alphabetical order by first letter beginning in first grade. An easy way to introduce kids to alphabetical order is by playing ABC games. Playing online games is fun. Kids tend to retain more when they are actively engaged. 


Knowing how to put things in alphabetical order is crucial in order for kids to accurately use reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and telephone directories. It doesn’t matter if they use the various reference materials online or in actual book format, they must still possess the skills necessary in order to locate information they need. Later in life, alphabetical skills are important in various work situations such as filing charts, documents, and so forth.

In the past, alphabetizing as a learning skill, was mainly tied to writing or worksheet activities. Technology has changed that. Kids today are very creative and technologically adept. They create all sorts of digital products rather than just pencil and paper items. However, these digital products won’t end up stuffed in a filing cabinet, a dusty basement, or file folder. Instead, their creations/product may be cached and live online indefinitely. This is wonderful, especially for the visual spatial learner.

Kids are able to tag their creations/products so they can easily retrieve them, organize them, bookmark them…whether it’s documents, their favorite music, photographs, videos…While they will not want or need to alphabetize everything, much of what they store will benefit from being put in alphabetical order.

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  1. I've been busy with this much-longer-than-expected project of going through and "tagging" all our old digital photos. I'm sure I'll be thankful when it's finished, but boy is it tedious right now!! LOL