Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

homeschool curriculum and resources are so varied these days. Some folks use an elementary online curriculum, some use traditional boxed curriculum, some use a mix of both, some folks use charter schools, while some choose to use a mix of their own tools married with resources such as local Veritas classes. The trick is finding what works for you and your children. Each has their own merits, but not all work for every family.  Reviews and forums are helpful in making decisions about curriculum and resources, but keep in mind the person is basing their opinion solely upon THEIR situation and feeling, not yours. What one person likes or dislikes might not apply to your situation. Sometimes what someone else describes as a “dud” might fit your family quite nicely.

Homeschool curriculum reviews and word-of-mouth definitely have their place, just read with an open mind. Take notes about the pros and cons each person lists about a resource you are interested in learning more about. What seems to show up consistently in the reviews? If something is listed as a con, try to figure out why it was a con. Perhaps thier con is your pro or vice versa. You must apply the positive and negative features of resources to your family in order to make a solid decision.

Go to the main website for the resource you are considering. See if the company offers a free trial of the resource. What about free samples? Do they have a money back guarantee? Is there a long term contract you must sign? How well does the resource fit the needs of all of your children? Does it provide challenging material and resources for the child who needs a little extra help? Involve your kids in the decision making process because it helps build ownership and paves the way toward future success.

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