Thursday, May 17, 2012

Homeschooling Responsibly


I clearly remember applying for my first credit card when I was still in college. I couldn’t believe they gave me one! Rather than being super excited, I was terrified. I understood that charging something simply delayed the payment. I knew it was easy to charge, but hard to pay. I realize my “fear” was actually responsibility coming out in me. Mom raised me right. Responsibility must be taught, and it begins at home. Thanks, Mom!

Kids must witness responsibility in the everyday lives of their parents. If your kids can’t see you being responsible in your daily life, your attempts to teach them responsibility will be in vain. It’s fake. Kids of all ages grow up and repeat what they saw at home. If you modeled good decision making skills to your child, they will have the ability to make good decisions as an adult. If you were a spendthrift, your child will most likely be an adult spendthrift. 


Homeschooling responsibly includes thinking about what goals you have for your child. Academics are certainly important, but so are life skills, manners, loyalty, fairness, honesty, responsibility, empathy, ability to reason and so much more. I am not attempting to tell you how to homeschool, that is a journey you and your child will take together. .I am merely suggesting you expose your child to more than book knowledge along the journey.

Maybe you are thinking about homeschooling. You  believe the benefit of one-on-one learning and a curriculum that matches their learning style will take them to the next level.Maybe you see the need to impart more responsibility or some of the skills listed in the paragraph above. Maybe you feel homeschooling will allow you to do just that. Weigh the pros and cons of homeschooling first. Write down your reasons for wanting to homeschool. Are they valid? If you want to homeschool because you are tired of getting up early to get the kids on the bus, you might be headed in the wrong direction. List the cons. If you list a con as not being able to teach because you are not a certified teacher, just go ahead and scratch that one off. You ARE most certainly qualified to teach your child. What have you done their whole life…teach them!

Living responsibly breeds responsible kids, and who doesn’t want a responsible kid around?

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