Thursday, May 24, 2012

School’s Out For the Summer

Just a short reminder this week to keep the kids in the swing of things (school things that is) this summer without going overboard.

For those of who school year round, this is no biggie, but for those of you who take a break, try engaging your child academically for very short periods of time once or maybe twice a day. The point is to keep things fresh and fun. Summer is supposed to be relaxing for those who take a break. It is not time to cram new lessons in. Keep the “focused” learning to short bursts.

Kids can play online logic games like sentence match;  read books; write poems, songs, or short stories; draw a picture of their favorite activity of the day; design a new robot or celestial city with Legos; play hink-pink or hig-pig word games; write a letter to grandma or their favorite actor/actress; make up the dinner menu; sort your coupons by category; take apart old broken alarm clocks and such to see how they work, or to make a new invention…

Leave a comment about your favorite things for your kids to do in the  

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