Monday, May 21, 2012

Word Match Games

What do oceans, Harry Potter, soccer, science, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Goodnight Moon, dinosaurs, Wuthering Heights, The Black Stallion, the 10 largest U.S. States, space, Canterbury Tales, sound a-likes…have in common? Give up? They are all word match games your child can play to boost logic and reasoning skills. Your child is required to select the best word through a process of elimination. Sentence match games are fun to play. They are excellent for building vocabulary skills. Kids can play the games online or as a printable worksheet at VocabularySpellingCity.

If you have a visual spatial learner, this site is great. There is so much to do and kids seem to retain what they are learning because they are having fun as they learn. The site is free to use, but they also offer a Premium membership that is very cheap.


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