Monday, June 11, 2012

English Vocabulary Learning with Games

1)Word Find – Players are thrilled to learn English vocabulary by this fun combination of word search, Scrabble, Boggle, and anagrams.  The game can be loaded with the list of your choice.
2)Crossword Puzzles – Students are fascinated by crossword puzzles and are driven to complete them. Jazz up your assignments by putting them into this to play it online or print out worksheets.
3)English Slang  – Get as "sharp aa a pin" or be "in th know" with this fun way to learn current English usage. It is for business or classroom use (nothing suggestive or obscene).
4)Word Root Games – Word roots in English are the  key to a broad conceptual understanding of the language and to unlocking words that you have not yet encountered. Yet who wants to memorize lists of word roots?  This game evokes prior knowledge so ESL students  realized that they actually know most of the word roots already.  Think about a game that points out what you already know from the words bicycle, tricycle, and unicycle.
5)HangMan Games – Hangmouse is the most weirdly popular word game in the world. Why are so many teachers and students OK with the pending murder of that poor stick figure. In our version, the drama is focused on whether the mouse will get the cheese or the cat will ge the mouse.  

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