Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School: Fast or Slow


Are you heading head first back into your back to school homeschooling routine, or are you easing into it? If new supplies and resources are arriving daily, I bet you and the kids can’t wait to sink your teeth into the new year. If you are continuing unfinished plans from last year, you might just be inclined to ease into the new semester. Both paths have pros and cons I am sure. Start hard and strong and chance burning out too quickly. Start slow and a little too easy and it might be like pulling sore teeth to finally get back into the groove. A blend of the two methods seems to be the obvious solution, but how in the heck do you blend them??

One solution is to only introduce one or two new ideas or resources each day, or half the first week and the rest the second week. At least that cuts down on info overload and keeps the kids anticipating what is still to come. It also lets the kids get into the routine of a few of the new programs before having all of them thrown at them at once. Another method is to only school half day the first week and full day the second week. Let the kids play educational games the first week after the half day of instruction is concluded. Spelling games like Matching Definitions is a fun game and is an easy way to ease back into school work while still having fun.

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  1. I guess it will be the "fast" track back for us, but we have certainly enjoyed the last two months of vacation!! :)