Thursday, August 2, 2012

Internet Safety

Are your kids safe? Are you sure?

When Alicia was 13 years old, she made headlines as the girl who was lured by an Internet predator—and survived.

Alicia was a shy girl from a close-knit family, but on New Year's Day in 2002, she did something completely out of character. She agreed to meet a friend she had been chatting with online for eight months.

Back to school time reminds me how important it is for parents to introduce or review Internet safety. Our children are our top priority. Homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike face the dangers of not only online predators, but cyber bullying, malware, virus threats…

“I can tell you it’s like going to a big, empty field and putting a big plate of ice cream on a blanket and walking away for an hour - and coming back and finding out how many ants and flies are there, because that’s what it’s like. It’s almost unbelievable how many people are out there, every day, searching in chat rooms for children.”

– James Murray, Police Chief, Peachtree City, GA

Chat rooms are not the only place predators hang out, they are everywhere. Internet safety is critical for kids and parents. You must make sure your child is operating in a safe environment while online.

Here are sites with great tips about Internet Safety:

Also, Google just launched  a new curriculum you might be interested in reading about. Here is what the site says:

Google has developed an interactive curriculum on YouTube to support teachers in educating students on how to be safe, engaged and confident model netizens.

The initiative is aimed at students aged 13 to 17 and will help them to develop digital literacy skills on YouTube that would be applicable across the web.

So how safe are your children? Have you chatted with your kids about what to do and not to do while on the Internet?

Leave a comment about how you teach online safety to your children.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Yes this will be our first year unschooling/very relaxed schooling. Somewhat nervous but knowing that God is in control and will guide us through this.

  2. Internet protection is very important for kids.You are right internet predators is find everywhere.You are provided a great information for internet protection.

  3. We use K9 for computer internet safety. Any thoughts on smart phones?

  4. i like this website a lot because i have to do a report on internet safety for a grade and this helped me a lot like A LOT so thanks!

  5. This type of threats are usual and parents should keep track of it.
    Internet Safety for kids