Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Online Spelling Test

The importance of spelling goes beyond just getting all the words correct; it does much to help kids academically. It benefits reading and writing especially. A child who sees continual improvement in his spelling is usually more willing to write because he is not so focused on spelling mistakes; he is not so dependent on others. People often look down on those who don't write correctly, even belittling them, so learning to spell correctly is a great goal for young learners.
Homeschool students have more options available to them when it comes to learning. Spelling does not have to take the traditional form of getting your words on Monday, taking a pre-test on Wednesday, and taking the final test on Friday. You have the option to be more creative with the actual words you learn as well as how you choose to learn them.

Taking a spelling test online is one option, this is also a super option for the dyslexic, right-brained visual learner. The student can practice learning his words online via fun, educationally sound games. Vocabulary Spelling City offers numerous ways to practice spelling, vocabulary, and handwriting. There are also great teacher resources and videos available for free. If you choose a premium membership, you can track your child’s progress, have access to fantastic vocabulary resources, have them do the record keeping, have access to more games, and so, so much more.


If your child hates spelling, give online spelling a chance. You will most likely see improvement not only in his spelling, but also in his attitude toward spelling. Online spelling practice at places like Vocabulary Spelling City offer a great supplement to whatever spelling curriculum you currently use, even the AVKO spelling system.

         Indulge the kids today with a little spelling F*U*N!


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