Saturday, April 27, 2013

Word Search

I am all about building a great vocabulary, but sometimes it can get rather dull for my daughter. Truthfully, it gets down right boring just coming up with interesting sentences to demonstrate mastery of each new word on the list. I was searching for ways to spice things up when I remembered how much fun word search puzzles are. Right?

Yes, I believe a good old fashioned word search will do the trick. I know I love solving word searches. I am considering having her also make a crossword puzzle for the words, after all this is high school homeschooling. The challenge will be good for her; make her put her thinking cap on.

The crossword exercise will take more time because you really have to plan out where to put words so they have at least one letter to share. Plus, you have to come up with clues that don’t give away the answer. I guess we could both come up with a crossword puzzle and switch them; I solve hers and she solves mine.

She is a visual-spatial learner though, so she should be able to handle it.

How about your homeschool, what interesting activities do you have your child work on to cement vocabulary words? Please share!

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  1. We use word searches and crosswords quite a bit, but I LOVE your idea of switching them! I am going to do that with my eldest...we will each make one and switch. Such a great idea! Ashamed I never thought of that. ;)