Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Fun and Homeschool Reading

Summer is here and you are going to make sure your kids not only have a super fun summer, but also work a little “fun school” into the mix. You just planned a killer rocks and minerals summer fun unit study and it has a good bit of reading in it. STOP! Your child is still having a few problems learning to read.

Don’t let that get you or them down. Summer can still be fun while you help your child grasp learning to read, but in a gentler, or maybe I should say, laid back summer fashion kinda way. Cut down on the amount of reading, or put some of it on tape for them to listen to.

Learning to read can be frustrating for many kids. Sometimes it just doesn’t click because the child is simply not ready to read yet, even if they are 12 years old. My daughter struggled with reading until about age 12. She does have dyslexia and CAPD, but also, she just hadn’t found anything worth reading. Once she stumbled upon books that drew her in, she was off and running. Does she still struggle now and again, of course she does, but she IS reading, and more than that, she is enjoying reading.

Listening to what your kids talk about gives you clues as to the type of books that just might be the spark they need to get going. Maybe your kid loves fantasy, or horses, or historical fiction, or mysteries. Maybe your child is wondering if there are any stories about homeschool children, or if there are any books written by homeschoolers. Well, yes there are!  Books by homeschoolers are becoming more popular. Many are written by homeschool highschoolers and homeschool graduates.  Others are written by homeschool parents.

My daughter loves Eargon by Christopher Paolini. I remember a few years back telling her that he was a homeschooled kid. Well, that was all she needed! She decided if at 15 he could write a bestselling novel, she could too. She began writing her book. While she didn’t finish, it was a huge catalyst in her learning more about writing and improving her writing skills. She has since moved on to fan fiction.

You never know, you just might have a budding author in your homeschool!

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  1. When my eldest found out Christopher Paolini was homeschooled, he too decided that he could go ahead and get started writing! :) His father is a writer, so he had a great role model, but finding out that such a good book was written by a teenager, he finally felt comfortable getting started...not waiting until he was older. :)