Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Trouble with Teens! by Guest Author, Katrina

Today I'd like you to join me in welcoming guest author, Katrina, to 3D Learners. Katrina is a work-at-home homeschooling Mom of 2 teens boys who also runs a small childcare out of her home. She is active on many homeschool sites, a contributing moderator for and writes for her daycare blog!

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                                      The Trouble with Teens!

Teen activities that is! Why do people think that teens can amuse themselves? Usually that is the reason for many issues among teens! Granted those statistics are usually for public school kids. 

I mean REALLY. Some of my brother's and husband's stories about when they were teens, just makes my hair turn gray! They are NOT allowed to confess those to my boys, though most of brother's are well-known as basically a what NOT to do rule!!! LOL

And with more and more parents turning to homeschooling, finding activities for teens as part of their homeschooling is hard! I mean HARD! They are not adults, they are not babies, they do not have public school interaction ,or events put on by the school. What do you do with them?

Luckily, not only do we live in a large city, but we have several great homeschooling groups that we belong to. Many of us find ourselves in the same boat, parents of teens, and have started to plan events with this age in mind. Plus, our local Parks and Recreation has noticed this lack of homeschool teen activities and added daytime events and classes geared JUST for teens. Thank goodness!!

I think as teens, my boys are busier than they were when they were in public school! 

Right now:
  • They attend a weekly PE class at the community center with a bunch of their friends. 
  • They have a regular Olympic style shooting class put on FREE by one of our local gun ranges and I am proud to say, my older son has 5 advancements to his name. Again, attend this with many of the same group of friends. 
  • They have a monthly homeschool teen meet-up at the indoor airsoft range. 
  • And late Spring through Fall(weather permitting), there are weekly park days and while I am home running my childcare.... one of our friends, gladly swings by to take the boys with her and her son. 2-3 hours of hiking wears my boys out!
  • Plus in 2 weeks, they are attending the Homeschool Costume aka Halloween Dance! It is put on for homeschool teens all around the Portland area and brings in about 100+ kids.

So, guaranteed 2 days a week they have TEEN only activities outside of the house! Not baby stuff, not adult stuff, but activities geared for them! And while they socialize with all ages, parents, grandparents, parents of the daycare kids, the daycare kids themselves, etc. on a daily basis.... I still say there is something to teens being able to be around other kids their age and be able to talk about things, be dorks, and have fun.

How do your teens get out and about? Does your area have things planned for teens? If not, maybe you can form some!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

All Kinked Up or Kinkless and Proud?

We are slowly getting underway with our high school homeschooling this year. We have had a late start due to so many family situations pulling us in different directions. Of course one of the beauties of homeschooling is being able to go with the flow…being flexible and creative, right?
It doesn’t matter if you are new to homeschooling or if you are a seasoned veteran, kinks happen. My unschooling daughter has been transitioning back to using an online curriculum this year. She didn’t totally give up unschooling at all, but is trying to get used to signing in and working on lessons in a timely manner. I must say she needs to work a bit harder at it. She does enjoy the online lessons though and likes the grown-up feel to them, especially the video lessons.
When your child is at one with unschooling it can be problematic to adjust to a semi-regular style of schooling. Her heart takes her back to unschooling activities more than it takes her to traditional lessons even though she knows why she needs to complete the traditional lessons. I guess you can say we are “all kinked up” at this point! I know with time our kinks will be worked out, but neither of us are good at playing the waiting game.    Smile
So how would you classify your homeschool year so far? Is is “All Kinked Up” or are you “Kinkless and Proud” ?
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