Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nay to Scheduling

We are pretty laid back when it comes to homeschooling high school. We began as traditional homeschoolers. Our journey took us along various roads, but in junior high we stuck our foot in unschooling and it just seemed to mesh with my daughter. I must admit it took much longer for me to come around (the teacher in me just couldn't believe it could work). But guess what, it does.

We are still semi-unschoolers. My daughter uses an online high school resource and whatever else she is interested in learning more about. Since she is in high school, she doesn't need as much homeschool help from me. The classes are mostly video and they do a great job of explaining things.

Right now her focus is on graphic arts totally. She got an early Christmas present from the grandparents, Intous Touch and Draw Tablet. She is at it every day!

The unschooling bug in us means we don't really follow a schedule, so I'll say "Nay" to scheduling. I've tried scheduling her off and on for years with no luck. She is ADHD and it is a struggle getting her to stick with a set schedule of any kind, though you'd think a schedule would really help her. I think other issues combined with the ADHD make scheduling a chore for her and a nightmare for me. I will say that when she sets her mind to learning about something, she goes full steam ahead. She has ambition and drive, so I know she will use those characteristics to carry her through to reach her aspirations.

So how do you handle scheduling for holidays or any time? Share with me.  :)

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  1. We are almost unschoolers, too! We are less unschooly at the moment, but we just started our homeschool high school journey, and I think I'm still worried that the almost unschooling we used to do, won't work as well as it did. Your post makes me hopeful that it will though. :)

    I guess we technically say "nay" to holiday scheduling, but they generally stick with spelling and reading.

    Enjoyed linking up to this blog hop! :)