Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Forward

Hello 2014, so glad you're here! I have to say 2013 was not very good to my family. We are all looking forward to all the wonderful things 2014 has in store for us. 

My parents are moving in with us toward the end of January--all the way from Texas. It took a few years of asking them to come before they finally gave in. They need us, and we are excited to have them come. Yes, we are all aware of the changes that are going to happen, and I know there are many things that will come as surprises to us. My goal is to embrace the hard changes with love and never make my parents feel as though they are a burden to us because they are NOT. My super sweet husband has agreed to give up our bedroom, huge closet, big bathroom, and our family room to them so they will have their own end of the house. It will be kinda like an apartment for them. We are moving into a tiny bedroom and sharing a bathroom with the teenager. Yikes--she's going to experience lots of change!

If you've ever done what we are about to do, please share your wisdom, tips, and encouragement with me. I know I'll need it. 

As for homeschooling high school, we are looking 'forward'. What about you? The 2013 school year started off a little slow. There have been lots of interruptions along the way, but I'm confident 2014 will move ahead more smoothly. We are still unschooling and using Time4Learing online high school classes. It is sometimes hard for my daughter to school because our Internet is satellite and we are restricted on usage. Lots of her lessons are video lessons which take more data. It's a good thing she is a HUGE night owl because she has to school very late at night or very early in the morning. Our 'free data' time is between 2am and 7am. That's what we get for living out in the country! 

This semester she will take an online writing course. She loves to write, but tends to write mostly fiction. She definitely needs to work on other styles and brush up on all her writing skills. I believe taking the course from someone other than me will be a benefit. It's easy to push Mom's buttons. 

She had her hopes set on attending a week long camp for 3D Animation this summer at the Atlanta Art Institute, but the tuition is $500! That quickly inflated all my tires! I don't mind paying tuition, but $500 is mighty steep for this family. I will say that my daughter is very resilient and will bounce back and keep pressing toward her goal of graphic design. 

We don't have any specific hard goals in mind for 2014, we just want to embrace each day with anticipation and be able to roll with the punches. The unschooler in us doesn't die easily and for that I am most grateful. 

This post is part of the January 2014 Let's Homeschool High School Blog Hop.