Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blah, b Blah, b Blah, b Blah

Blah, b blah, b blah, b blah! Ever have a day like that? We sure do, in our homeschool and in our regular everyday life. Boredom likes to sneak in just when you think school is going so great.

Boredom doesn't have to be a downer at all, simply use it as a wake-up call to freshen up your schooling. If your homeschool highschooler is practicing for the SAT, try interactive SAT games to spice things up. If you study history mostly via a textbook, try watching Drive Through History videos. They are awesome--funny and educational. Add hands-on life skills to your day. Have school in the back yard or at the local park.

5 Boredom Busters for Homeschool

  1. Make a video about a particular topic rather than writing a report.
  2. Start a student blog. Take time to enjoy designing the blog.
  3. Hold a song writing competition within your family. (Yes, you need to award prizes!)
  4. Invent something using things found around your home. It doesn't have to be useful, just creative. 
  5. Let you highschooler be the teacher for the day. 
Please share your boredom busters with everyone by leaving a comment. 


  1. Hi! You have great ideas! We do need some boredom busters now. And thanks for the links on SAT and History!

  2. My teen will get a new burst of energy if she has something to look forward to that would excuse her to have a day off. If I can find a reason to take Friday off, even if it's just for ice cream with a friend, she has new vigor to power through her lessons!

  3. Hi Jackie, we really enjoyed the Drive Through History videos also. Thanks for the link up.

  4. Love the idea of doing a video instead of a book report! My boys will love that too. :) Lately, to break the monotony of their homeschool day, they have been claymation stop-motion videos. I try to get them to make a video about something educational, but they usually end up being about aliens and boulders crushing things, lol. :D