Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time4Learning High School Review

My daughter used T4L from 5th through 8th grade and loved it. It wasn’t that way in the beginning though. I had to force her to try T4L. She thought it was much to babyish for her. Once she started using the program, she found it very engaging. The flash animation held her attention and the work-at-your-own-pace was perfect for my visual learner.

After 8th grade we more or less fumbled our way through 9th grade. We were kind of like a Weeble, except that we DID fall down.  “)

I was thrilled when Time4Learning announced it was offering high school courses. Whew! This was just what we wanted to hear.

My daughter enrolled and hasn’t looked back. The first thing she said was it had a much more grown-up feel to it than the lower level. Since she is a visual, right-brained learner, she loves the video lessons. Her comment to me was, “Wow! I actually understand what the math teacher is talking about!” She was referring to her Algebra I lessons. I must say, I also watched some of the math lessons and I was impressed with the thorough job of explaining the lesson, the math vocabulary graphic, and the review and quiz.

Many of the Time4Learnig high school courses contain quite a bit of writing. They do provide rubrics for the learning coach (parent) to help assess the writing. That definitely helps take pressure off the parent.
Record keeping is easy. T4L does most, if not all  of your record keeping making it so easy to transfer to a transcript.

If you are in need of a high school resource, I suggest you try the demos, take a look at the overview of each subject that interests you, and check out the High School Forum.

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  1. I've been touch and go with Timg4Learning since I couldn't quite seem to get everything organized in there. I probably should've taken more time to learn the parental controls.