Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Summer Homeschool Planning

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Wow! I can't believe summer will be here in the blink of an eye. While I won't miss the cold, rainy days, I will miss cooler weather. I like sunshine, I really do, but I am NOT a hot weather fan. I shrink in hot weather; always have.

What homeschooling plans do I have for the summer? Well, this summer we are going to slow way down and relax more in our homeschool high school plans. We will continue our unschooling life skills though because, well, it's life! My daughter will continue to improve her cooking and sewing skills, animal husbandry skills, yard work and gardening skills, and financial skills. She will also continue her reading and high school writing skills because she loves these. I sure won't complain about that at all. :)

What do you have planned for your summer homeschool high schoolers?


  1. Hi Jackie,
    Your summer plans sound full. We are ending our Summer season and are enjoying some lovely Autumn weather for a change of pace.

  2. Haha...I'm the same. I can't wait for the warm weather to move in, but by July, I'm a whiny, sweaty mess hoping for fall. :D

  3. Well, I've only got a middle schooler and we have a boat load of camps and swimming on the agenda here in hotter then you'd believe Texas! I wanted to invite you to link up wiht Finishing Strong Homeschooling Middle & High School http://aspiredliving.net/2014/04/09/finishing-strong-middle-high-school-2/
    Blessings, Kyle