Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Whew is just about right. I can feel that big sigh of relief washing over me since we have finished our lessons for the year.
You know how homeschoolers suggest new homeschoolers take time to ‘deschool’ after leaving public school, well I think I need to ‘dehomeschool’ for just a wee bit. Smile
We used to homeschool year round, but last year we took the summer off. This year we will take the summer off again, well mostly. We aren’t going to use a tutor or anything, but my daughter is going to continue working on her economics/personal finance classes that she didn’t finish. We decided she would do this because she started her own business…Mercy Fox Photography. She does mostly cosplay photo shoots, but other kinds as well.
I asked my daughter if she is also experiencing the magic elixir of ‘whew’. Her response was a huge, “YES!” She reminded me that now that she’s 17, she realizes how close she is to being a full fledged adult. Her ‘whew’ feeling was realizing how close she is to graduating and becoming that productive citizen she has grown in to.
What is your ‘whew’ feeling?