Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Tutoring

Summer is in full swing isn’t it? Are you able to relax a bit and enjoy at least a little down time? I like the beginning of summer when it’s not too hot. By this time of year I am hiding out inside where the cool AC is my best friend.

We used to homeschool year round. I liked doing that for several reasons.It kept us in the swing of things so we never got out of practice or out of our routine. We didn’t have to worry about transitions. It also allowed us to take our time and work at a slower, more comfortable pace. Last year was the first year we took the summer off. It was so nice we did it again this year. I think I needed the break more than my daughter.

When we first started homeschooling we were using a second grade online curriculum, but I still supplemented with lots of extras. I really  enjoyed lots of hands-on activities in those days. I think younger kids especially retain more and enjoy more of their schooling when they can did in and explore all avenues of learning, not just the text. As my daughter got older, somehow we gradually lost interest in hands-on learning, well, she did, I never lost interest. Anyway, now that we take the summer off, we do use an online resource for summer tutoring as needed. We are very low key with it, but it does help.

If you take the summer off, do you use an online tutor for a little extra help or enrichment? Please share.